Examining the impact of post secondary drug education.

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The prohibition of many drugs has led to the development and implementation of drug related education programs that typically exist at the elementary school level. As many of these programs are funded by the Canadian government, it is possible that such education serves as a means of re-enforcing the traditionally held values that are currently reflected in Canadian drug laws. One alternative form of drug education (DE) occurs at the post-secondary level. The present research examines an alternative form of DE through interviewing four students who attended the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) –two who had taken the 4th level course, Advanced Justice Studies: Drugs and Society Course, and two who had not. This thesis determines if the students’ views on drug use, drug users, and drug policies differed. There is some differentiation that occurs between those interviewed; however, this differentiation is not solely attributable to having followed the drug course in question.
Prohibition, Drugs, Drug education, Traditional values