Electroforming of personalized miniature metal parts using additively manufactured molds

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In response to evolving manufacturing trends favoring personalized, small-batch production, this thesis centers on the development of additively manufactured molds to facilitate the electroforming of personalized metal parts. The methodology encompasses standardized mold design, experimental procedures for mold development and electroforming, and a simulation model for visualizing and predicting the deposition process. The study provides critical design considerations and guidelines for electroforming within additively manufactured molds, successfully demonstrating the production of composite metal components in 2.5D and 3D configurations. Emphasizing cost efficiency and improved part quality, especially for limited-thickness metal components, the developed technique presents advantages over available metal additive manufacturing processes. Electroforming emerges as a versatile and robust metal additive manufacturing technique, expanding its application beyond traditional limitations of thin-walled hollow structures, 2D components and applications at the nanoscale.
Electroforming, Metal, Additive manufacturing, Mold design, Design guidelines