Show and tell in higher education: a systematic review of video-based feedback

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This systematic literature review presents an overview of the research on the use of video-based feedback in higher education from 2009-2019. Sixty-seven peer-reviewed articles, selected from a systematic search of electronic databases, were organized and examined through the lenses of Diffusion of Innovation and Community of Inquiry theory. The perspectives of instructors and students on the five Diffusion of Innovation attributes and three Community of Inquiry constructs were analyzed and synthesized. In addition, the results of the analysis of feedback artifacts and learning outcomes from several studies were summarized. Video-based feedback was found to have a relative advantage over text-based feedback and to be simple for instructors and students to use. Video-based feedback also has a positive influence on perceptions of cognitive and social presence for both instructors and students. Finally, learning outcomes were found to be improved when video-based feedback was received. Opportunities for future research on video-based feedback include increasing rigour in methods used, focussing more on teachers and secondary education, and examining the actual quality of feedback provided.
Video feedback, Screencast feedback, Assessment, Higher education, Systematic review