The effect of concurrent mental and physical fatigue on physical endurance performance, strength and muscle activity: a pilot study

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A significant amount of research focus has been dedicated to physical and mental fatigue individually, but their combined effects on physical performance are relatively underexplored. As such, the purpose of this pilot study was to evaluate the concurrent effects of mental and physical fatigue on upper limb neuromechanics and endurance performance, compared to just mental fatigue and physical fatigue elicited independently. Initial findings from this thesis provide initial support for concurrent mental and physical fatigue detrimentally affecting handgrip endurance and strength when compared to the mental fatigue and control conditions. As this pilot study was conducted to inform a larger planned data collection, several other areas for refinement in the protocol were identified, notably the addition of a familiarization session, utilizing only one post-measurement endurance trial, removing upper and lower ranges during the endurance trial, and adding the flexor carpi ulnaris muscle alongside the muscles used in this pilot study.
Neuromuscular fatigue, Mental fatigue, Ergonomics, Force fluctuation, Endurance time