Design considerations for fixed node assisted multi-hop mobile sensor networks

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Node mobility in Wireless Sensor Network poses a challenge to the routing protocol; it causes link breakages and disconnections between the nodes. This instability in the network leads to a drop in the successful transmission of data packets to the main station. In order to understand the key factors in the performance degradation in a mobile network and address them, a simulation based performance sensitivity analysis was done on a Collection Tree Protocol based network. First, the main reasons for packet drops in mobile networks were investigated. Then, the effect of the network size, node density and node speed is studied in more detail in a mixed mobile-static sensor network, as well as the effect of the number and transmission range of the static nodes in the network. Based on the performance sensitivity analysis, a set of criteria and network requirements is proposed, which can be used as network design suggestions for a mixed mobile-static sensor network to enhance the network’s performance.
Mobility, FNA-CTP, Performance analysis