Utilization of thermal plasma for conversion of thermoplastic waste to oil products in a pyrolysis reaction

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Chemical recycling of waste plastics has gained attention in last decade with nearly 170 million tonnes of deposited waste plastics annually. A chemical process known as pyrolysis converts thermoplastic waste to oil products. In this research work, direct current thermal plasma is designed and used as a heating source for a pyrolysis reaction with nearly 30 minutes residence time. Diesel range oil is produced with 59 wt % conversion yield including small traces of gasoline. The DC Thermal plasma used has power of 270 W and emits temperature between 625 ℃ and 860 ℃ in pyrolysis reaction. Aspen HYSYS simulation and economic analysis of a 10 tonne per hour pyrolysis chemical plant is illustrated.
DC thermal plasma, Pyrolysis, Thermoplastic recycling, Pyrolysis oil