Identifying salivary biomarkers associated with prolonged sitting

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The effect of prolonged sitting on salivary biomarker concentrations is relatively unexplored. The purpose of this work was to identify novel biomarkers, detectable in the saliva in response to prolonged and interrupted bouts of sitting. Participants completed three sessions. The first session included a baseline saliva sample and maximal exercise test. The remaining two sessions were performed in random order. One, a prolonged sitting session (4-hours of sitting), and the other, an interrupted sitting session (4-hours of sitting with 3-minute moderate-intensity walking interruptions every 27 minutes). Saliva samples were collected pre- and post-session. A human cytokine antibody array was then used to detect biomarkers present in the saliva. A total of 26 biomarkers were detectable in the saliva of young, healthy males and females. Prolonged and interrupted sitting lead to changes in salivary biomarker concentrations, with variations dependent on sex.
Sedentary behaviour, Biomarkers, Cytokines, Growth factors, Inflammation