Investigation of signal shape effects on the gas film in spark-assisted chemical engraving

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Spark-Assisted Chemical Engraving (SACE) is a promising method for machining glass micro-parts and devices. However, intricate control requirements linked to the gas film surrounding the tool present a significant challenge in SACE. While several studies have explored the influence of SACE parameters on the gas film, there exists a literature gap regarding the impact of voltage signal shapes on this film. The thesis fills this void by investigating diverse voltage signal shapes designed to enhance the gas film stability. A robust methodology was established linking gas film properties to investigate the effects of signal shapes on the gas film. The research applied these findings to machining applications, establishing correlations between signal shapes and machining outcomes. Key contributions include a refined methodology for gas film evaluation, advancements in understanding signal shapes’ impact on the process, identification of optimal parameters, and potential improvements in machining through a custom signal shape design.
SACE, Glass, Gas film, Micromachining, ECDM