Nintendo Wii versus resistance training to improve upper-limb function in children ages 7 to 12 with spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy: a home-based pilot study

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This pilot, home-based study compared a Nintendo Wii intervention to a single-joint upper-limb resistance training of a similar intensity, in n=6 children ages of 7 to 12 with spastic hemiplegic CP with respect to upper limb function, compliance and motivation levels. The main results found that all participants in the Wii intervention group (n=3) experienced positive changes in more than one assessment from pre-test to follow-up, and these changes were on average greater than those experienced by the resistance training group (n=3). Also, the Nintendo Wii group had a higher compliance rate, and higher parent-reported motivation levels throughout the study. This suggests that Nintendo Wii interventions for the upper limbs may be a more effective home-based rehabilitation strategy than the single-joint upper limb resistance training program used in this study, due to greater participant motivation to comply with Nintendo Wii training. These findings warrant further research.
Hemiplegia, Nintendo Wii, Resistance training