Board game accessibility for persons with visual impairment

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Despite the huge popularity and benefits of traditional board games, they present serious accessibility issues to players, particularly those with visual impairments, due to the heavy use of visuals to communicate gameplay information. Limited research investigating the inherent issues present in board game elements and in the potential solutions to these issues has been conducted so far. In this thesis, an in-depth investigation in the field of board game accessibility for those with visual impairment is conducted, investigating three main aspects: i) the inherent accessibility issues of game components and mechanics, ii) the reliability of board game guidelines for the identification of accessibility issues, and iii) the development of a digital assistive technology for board game gameplay. The findings of this thesis are discussed and compiled, in order to provide a general guide regarding the development or adaptation of accessible board games.
Board game, Accessibility, Visual impairment, Heuristic evaluation, Assistive technology