Experimental study of applying grooves on semi-tubular blank sheet metal using incremental sheet forming.

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Incremental sheet forming (ISF) was a flexible sheet metal forming process which utilized a variety of forming tools, materials, and dies. ISF was implemented to develop a series of column covers which visually replicated the style of Doric columns. They were produced experimentally out of AA3003-H14. The results from executing various toolpaths strategies were discussed. This research introduced to the ISF field deforming non-planar material, using higher strength alloys, forming previously strained material, and applying multiple grooves. The toolpath strategies employed different configurations of the groove forming order, tool utilization and number of passes. Forming successive grooves distorted the previously made grooves. It was shown that the order of forming grooves significantly affected the shape accuracy. After forming nine grooves, the springback increased the part span by an average of 33%. It was a 2-6% increase from the parts formed with five grooves. This demonstrated a significant amount of springback.
Incremental sheet forming, Sheet metal forming, ISF, Architectural products, Manufacturing