Single-stage boost integrated asymmetrical half-bridge AC-DC power converter with dual modulation for indoor led lighting

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Light emitting diodes (LEDs) for indoor lighting is a promising technology which can lead to major energy saving and cost reductions. The major concerns of improving power factor and regulating the output current ripple with regards to LED drivers has been addressed in this thesis by using dual modulation in a single stage AC/DC power converter. The dual modulation has been achieved through novel controls schemes. Various decoupling control strategies has been proposed. Dual modulation also helps in eliminating the need of bulk electrolytic output capacitors hence enhancing the life time of power supplies. The thesis also includes optimizing the DC link voltage. Design of magnetics for the converter has been carried out. Analytical and simulation results are presented as the proof of concept.
LED driver, Eliminating electrolytic capacitor, 120Hz ripple regulation, Single stage converter, Power factor improvement