Filtering antennas based on rectangular dielectric resonators

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Filters and antennas are essential components in communication systems. Being able to simultaneously realize filter and radiation functions, filtering antennas have attracted much attention due to their compactness and low loss. This thesis focuses on different methods of realizing compact filtering antennas using rectangular dielectric resonator antennas (DRAs). First, four designs of DRA to increase bandwidth have been proposed. Low dielectric constant posts are inserted in DRA in different orientations so that the effective dielectric constant can be readily lowered and adjusted. An integrated design of a waveguide dielectric resonator filter and a DRA with an air post shows significant bandwidth improvement. Next, conducting posts are inserted in the DRA to realize radiation cancelation. Radiation nulls, or filtering responses, have been achieved for both linear polarization and dual polarization. All designs have been simulated and optimized using a full wave electromagnetic (EM) simulator, and results are compared and discussed.
Filtering antenna, Dielectric resonator antennas, Dual polarization