Exploring the factors that influence equitable access to and social participation in dementia care programs by foreign-born population living in Toronto and Durham Region

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The purpose of this study was to explore the barriers that influence participation and utilization of dementia care and support programs by the foreign-born population. A qualitative interpretive study was conducted using one-on-one semi-structured interviews with the following three subgroups who are users and practitioners of dementia support programs: person with dementia, caregivers of PWD, and healthcare professionals. Themes associated with structure, processes, and outcomes related to barriers were identified. Structural barriers include: Homogenous composition of program cohort, lack of financial sensitivity in existing programs, and lack of linguistically diverse programs. Process barriers include barriers related to the process of care delivery (i.e., insufficient cultural and age sensitivity in program facilitation) and the process of implementation (i.e., strategies to protect cultural safety, impact of stigma and normalization of dementia symptoms). The study identifies the importance of raising awareness and culturally competent dementia care system to increase participation and access.
Access, Dementia, Barriers, Immigrant, Canada