Registered practical nurses’ (in post RPN-BScN education) experiences of nurse-to- nurse conflict in the workplace

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This research examined the experiences of nurse-to-nurse conflict of RPNs enrolled in a post RPN-Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. This study also explored how these experiences shaped their decision to return to school for a BScN to become Registered Nurses (RNs). Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis was used as the methodology to explore the experiences of six participants through in-depth individual interviews. Five themes emerged from the data analysis: the current organizational context of health care; marginalization of the RPN; the in-between space; hierarchy, power, and privilege; and professional development and a drive for change. The findings of this research highlighted how broader contextual factors intersected and influenced conflict between nurses, and how experiencing nurse-to-nurse conflict motivated the participants to return to school for a BScN. The findings from this research have implications for nursing education, health care professionals, employers, and decisions makers when addressing and creating policies around nurse-to-nurse conflict.
Nurse, Conflict, RPN, BScN, School