Design and development of an extended range electric bywire/wireless hybrid vehicle with a near wheel motor drivetrain

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With automobile propulsion energy sources turning away from petroleum, the evolution of technology naturally lends itself to electrical hybrid vehicle architectures relying on alternatives as a primary electrical energy source. This thesis presents a design solution of a direct-drive and drive-by-wire prototype of a hybrid extended range electric vehicle (EREV) based on a dune buggy test bed. The developed setup eliminates nearly all mechanical inefficiencies in the rear wheel drive transaxle drivetrain. All controls have been purposely designed as a duplicate set to allow for full independent control of both rear wheels in a truly independent architecture. Along with the controls supporting the design, the motors have been mounted in a near wheel fashion to adequately replace a true hub motor setup. In addition, by-wire throttle and by-wireless brakes in a servomechanical fashion have been developed. The by-wireless braking system is used to control regenerative braking for the rear of the vehicle only allowing for the front brakes to be the primary means of braking as well as a mechanical safety redundancy. This design allows for developments in the areas of truly independent electronic differential systems and studies of the effect of near wheel motor setup. The efficiencies gained by the design solutions implemented in this thesis project have shown their ability to be used in a functioning motor vehicle. Direct gains in mechanical efficiency as well as the removal of a non eco-friendly gasoline powertrain have been attained. In addition, an electric architecture has been developed for further research in future studies such as vehicle stability control, traction control and all-wheel-drive architectures.
Automobile propulsion, Electrical hybrid vehicle, By-wireless brakes, Direct-drive prototype, Drive-by-wire prototype, Extended range electric vehicle