Using asynchronous video interviews to enhance self-awareness of video communication skills in a community college setting

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Asynchronous video interviews are an emerging trend in the hiring process for assessing communication skills crucial in interviews. Industry leaders perceive a gap between communication skills and work-readiness of college graduates. That gap may reflect a lack of self-awareness. The purpose of this study was to explore the value of using a peer-assessed, asynchronous video interview assignment to enhance self-awareness of communication skills on video. Quantitative and qualitative data were collected using two questionnaires and two semi-structured interviews. The findings suggest that students became more self-aware of their communication skills, revealed experienced difficulties using body language and eye contact, showed low confidence levels recording self-facing videos, and had a preference for anonymous peer assessment. There was also a positive relationship between cognitive and affective attitudes towards asynchronous video interviews.
Asynchronous video interviews, Self-awareness, Communication skills, Video communication skills, Peer assessment