The design and development of a Spark Assisted Chemical Engraving system with force feedback control

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Spark Assisted Chemical Engraving is a hybrid micromachining method capable of machining micro-holes and micro-channels on non-conductive substrates. This thesis centers around the design of a mechatronics system for precision manufacturing using SACE technology. The setup consists of a machining head and a processing cell. The electronics of the system are implemented on printed circuit boards and embodied in a well-ventilated box that connects the different components of the system. A current probe adapter that enables the reading of the current signal is designed. The system is modeled and controlled, and a force sensor that can detect machining forces is developed. A force-feedback drilling technique is implemented, where the machining continues with minimal contact forces (less than 200 mN). A preliminary study on characterizing the surface quality of machined holes was conducted, and a model that can characterize the surface texture of machined holes is developed.
SACE, ECDM, Micro-machining, Force-feedback, Texture