Filtering honeywords using probabilistic context free grammar

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With the growing prevalence of cyber threats, effective password policies have become crucial for safeguarding sensitive information. Traditional password-based authentication techniques are open to a number of threats. The idea of honeywords, which was developed to improve password-based security, entails using dummy passwords with real ones to build a defence mechanism based on deceit. The importance of password policies is examined in the context of honeywords in this study, emphasizing how they might improve security and reduce password-related risks. We present the idea of using the existing passwords to extract a policy and using this policy to filter good and strong passwords. Through this capstone project, we aim to contribute to the broader understanding of honeywords and their role in improving password-based authentication systems. I have conducted experiments on Chunk-GPT3 and GPT 4 models, to see which one of the models produces more honeywords which are very similar to the real passwords.
Passwords, Honeywords, PCFG, GPT models