Data analysis in electric power system embedded with solar PVs

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Conventional source of energy are overly dependent on fossil fuel which tend to face several challenges such as the depleting of fossil fuel, environmental threat and human health. To deal with such challenges, solar PV system has been proposed to be embedded in the distribution system. Weather conditions plays a major role on affecting the power output of renewable energy sources, thus several power quality issues such as voltage variations are expected. Since the problem is of a stochastic nature, a probabilistic approach using Monte Carlo simulation techniques is adopted in this work. This project investigates the effect of PVs on residential house voltage and transformer power and Loss of Life through integrating rooftop solar PVs into the grid in such a way that the variations in the supply voltage caused by the solar irradiance and temperature remain within the acceptable limits set by IEEE Standards. In this respect, the analysis presented in this work also considers different scenarios including different penetrations of rooftop solar PVs (e.g., 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 kW), and the Monte Carlo algorithm is used to compute the impact of irradiance and temperature on the node voltages and transformer’s power. The results of these scenarios reveal that with different PV penetrations, the node voltages of the houses supplied from 25 kVA transformers may experience more impacts compared to those houses supplied from 50 kVA transformers.
Distributed generation, Photovoltaic, Power quality, Renewable energy sources, Monte Carlo