Exploring the impacts of media use in the classroom and trauma

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Research has repeatedly shown that media can create trauma responses in viewers, but little has explored how classroom-based media can adversely affect students’ wellbeing. There is a significant gap in trauma-informed training for educators, and teachers do not feel equipped to support students with a history of trauma or implement trauma-informed care principles. Therefore, this qualitative study sought to contribute to this gap by investigating the impacts of media used in classrooms on trauma responses in students to inform trauma-informed care practices for educators using media. Data was collected from social media to analyze the lived experiences of students who have had adverse reactions to media shown in classes. Findings demonstrated that media in classrooms can elicit trauma responses in students. Problematic topics were explored, as well as trauma-informed recommendations that can be used to inform educator pedagogy and trauma-informed care training for teachers using media as a teaching tool.
Trauma, Media, Adverse childhood experiences, Trauma-informed care, Pedagogy