Acknowledging offender trauma at intake: a qualitative thematic analysis of Canadian correctional policy

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Trauma has seldom been discussed in the literature in relation to incarceration. The research that does exist has tended to be gendered, focusing predominantly on the trauma experiences of female offenders. The current study examined the written policies that guide the Offender Intake Assessment (OIA) process in Canada to assess the extent to which trauma is being considered at point of intake, particularly for male offenders. A descriptive research design was used to assess the level of policy specific attention given to trauma and trauma-informed correctional care (TICC). An examination of current policies, audits/reviews, and action plans revealed 11 key themes. The results of this study reveal a need for improved policy guidelines for addressing the trauma experiences of male offenders in Canada. Implications, limitations, and future directions are also considered
Trauma, Intake policy, Male offenders, Labelling, Federal corrections