Passive damping mechanism of Herschel-Quincke tubes for pressure pulsations in piping systems

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The acoustic pressure pulsations in industrial piping systems can induce fluctuating loads on inline equipment which may cause fatigue failure and in severe cases, initiate a phenomenon known as acoustic resonance. Passive damping devices such as the Herschel-Quincke (HQ) Tube can be implemented into a resonant system to mitigate the pressure pulsations. Some practical considerations have been clarified in the current work which include the normalization of the transmission loss with respect to the HQ tube to pipeline diameter ratio and the change in attenuation when placing an HQ device at different locations along the standing wave formed in the pipeline. The attenuation mechanism of the HQ device was clarified for the application to resonant piping systems. It was found that the second acoustic mode of an open-open pipe is excited within the device. A Computational Aeroacoustic simulation was performed to visualize the acoustic state variables within the HQ device.
Damping device, Herschel-Quincke tube, Noise control, Pressure Pulsations, Acoustics