Instructional design and development tools for online adult education: a literature review

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This paper examines the intersection of online learning, adult learning theories, and instructional methods in adult education. Through a comprehensive literature review, it analyzes prominent adult learning theories and models, emphasizing their implications for designing effective learning experiences. The study also explores adult learners' unique characteristics and needs, addressing key features such as self-directedness, experience, intrinsic motivation, and external factors influencing learning. Additionally, the paper discusses instructional design methods for online adult learners and identifies key principles, including the importance of feedback, engagement through collaborative activities, and personalized learning experiences. The analysis covers experience-based learning, scaffolding, blended learning models, and the role of technology, with a focus on learning management systems. The study also explores the significance of online communities of practice for collaborative adult learning, emphasizing factors influencing engagement and success. Overall, the findings provide valuable information for educators, instructional designers, and researchers seeking insights into online education for adult learners.
Adult learning theories, Online learning, Instructional methods