Initial validity and reliability testing of the SGBA-5

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Background: A hurdle to incorporating Sex- and Gender-Based Analysis is a lack of easily implemented measurement tools. To address this, we created the Sex- and Gender-Based Analysis Tool – 5 item [SGBA-5]. Objectives: Assess the validity and reliability of the SGBA-5 for health research where sex or gender are not primary variables. Methods: A Delphi consensus study was conducted with Canadian researchers [n=14]. A 2-arm [students, n=89; older adults, n = 71] test-retest study was then conducted. Results: Agreement was reached for the sex item [93%] and non-agreement for gendered aspect of health items [identity: 64%, expression: 64%, roles: 50%, relations: 57%]. The test-retest study found all items reliable on both arms [sex: κ = 1.00, gendered: ICC(A,1) > .865]. Conclusion: The novel SGBA-5 demonstrated reliability for all items and validity of the sex item; the gendered aspects of health items may be valid. Future research will further assess the SGBA-5.