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Enhancing early mathematical professional learning with fully online learning communities (FOLC) and collaborative action research 20
Characterizing midair handwriting in virtual reality 20
“Can we keep blogging?”: Analyzing blogging in a grade six classroom as a trauma-informed practice for students and educators 18
Design and analysis of active aerodynamic control systems for increasing the safety of high-speed road vehicles 17
Easy skins, easy life: a chronological case study of loot boxes and transferable cosmetic items in the video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 15
Technology use in early childhood education: a review of the literature 14
Forward and reverse genetic approaches to investigate cellulose biosynthesis in Physcomitrium patens 13
Sharing the eLearning Load: Using Interdepartmental Collaboration to Enhance Online Information Literacy Modules 12
Exploring the impacts of media use in the classroom and trauma 12
Investigation of new renewable energy-based multigeneration systems for Saudi Arabia 11